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About Us

We are a young and dynamic start-up company.
Our team is made up of experienced doctors, pharmacists, lawyers and competent partners from the business world. A focal point of our field of activity is to successfully participate in the current Europe-wide call for tenders by the cannabis agency in the field of medical supply of cannabis. A further focus of our activities in the near future will be on research as well as the import and production of pharmaceuticals. In this context, there are successful cooperations in place with financially strong investors as well as different researchers. The research work will focus both on THC and the CBD content of the cannabis plant.

The well-being of our patients and their prospects for pain relief in many fields of palliative care is a matter close to our hearts.

Our Goals

With the trade in medical products and through the cultivation of cannabis products, in the near future, Lexamed GmbH wants to contribute to better care of patients in the field of pain therapies. The medical products we want to produce will be used in diseases such as chronic pain, multiple sclerosis, Tourette syndrome, depression, ADHD, allergic diathesis, anxiety, loss of appetite and weight loss, arm plexus palsy, arthritis, asthma, autism, epilepsy, hereditary motor-sensitive neuropathy with pain and spasms, HIV infection, cervical and lumbar spine syndrome, headache, migraine, Crohn's disease, neurodermatitis, post-traumatic stress disorder, psoriasis, rheumatism (rheumatoid arthritis), sleep disorders, tinnitus, long-term effects from traumatic brain injury, obsessive-compulsive disorders and much more.

Our Team

Dr. Oskar Sarak

CEO & founder

Dr. med. Eugen Donau

General practitioner, specializing in pain therapies

Ingo Becker

Pharmacist and consultant

Matthias Köhler

Pharmacist and consultant

Andreas Fretz

Marco Hertel

Manuel Mikhail


With our research into the cannabis plant, we will develop core competencies in the field of cultivation and the quality of medical cannabis through the combination of plant-science know-how and control technology. In addition, the license for research of cannabis sativa is for scientific purposes.


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